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The Spiritual Practice for aura reading and personal development

Every one is an unique being, perfectly equipped with a character and soul to fulfill his or her specific task here on earth. The daily life offers us plenty of possibilities to develop ourselves in a holistic way, in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature.

Every one has the right to experience happiness, contentment, love. You too.

We are beautiful creatures with many powers and capabilities. Sometimes however, we have issues that keep us from our path to happiness. You are more than welcome to bring these issues to the Wezenkracht practice.

I offer coaching, support and aura readings. (On request also available through Skype)

Every one has a right to experience happiness, peace, contentment and love. Including you!

Coaching and personal development


Through friendly focus on the here and now together, we recognize patterns and themes that are entwined with your dreams. By holistic approach we can see which creative abilities are within you, so that you become aware of them, integrate them and prevent blockage and that you will experience more freedom and happiness in your life.

Which powers are within you? How does your core radiates? How do you give? How do you receive? How big are you allowed to be? How much happiness are you allowed to experience? Can you be free? Are you contributing to your happiness? Are you living your happiness life?

Aura reading

The reading of one's energy field

Everything is energy. The more condensed the energy, the more we can detect it with the naked eye. Not only our body is energy, but also our emotions, thoughts and occurrences. In an aura reading I tune into your energy. In the energy you can see the reason why things are happening, the purpose behind the everyday business. Why is something happening to you and how is the best way to handle it? What is the purpose of your life?

By upbringing and other experiences our character is shaped and in the course of years, different patterns arise, with which we respond to life around us. These patterns can be read in your energy field; your aura. Who are you really? What is taught and who are you originally? In daily life you can be confronted with questions about relationships, family, work or purpose. Through a reading these questions can be put in order and you will gain insight in who you are. In a reading, blockages as well as growth opportunities and capacities can be seen.

During a reading we're sitting approximately two meters apart, facing each other. I will keep my eyes closed.  I read your aura and tell what I observe. During this process I remain approachable and communicating. I will be able to see what issues are current and see what can enforce you. So where does the problem/blockage come from? What can you do about it? And how can you handle it? An aura reader can't see everything. If you want to keep a certain secret or want something to stay hidden, it will remain unseen. I will not focus on that in your aura.


A reading is a personal gift. It's for you and about you, so that you know and feel who you really are

ou can approach a reading openly, but you can also ask a specific question to which you would like the answer
It is possible in an aura reading, to make contact with deceased, guardian angels and unborn children

A reading is a personal gift for you, so that you can experience what the purpose of your life is

Who are you originally and what is your lifes'purpose?

An aura reading gives insight. Into children and relationships for example

An aura reading is suitable for everyone, children and mentally disabled people too
Child reading
Sometimes there are problems with your child, that you can't put your finger on. like crying fits, disease, and 'strange' behavior. You are eager to help your child, but don't know how, because you don't know what's the matter

An aura reading of your child can provide insights and clarity. You are offered tools to do what's right.

An aura reading for your child takes place at your home, so that your child can continue playing throughout the  reading. Children often find a reading a pleasant experience

Aura reading for relationschips
Apart from individual readings, I also give readings to multiple persons at a time such as parent-child, partners, friends

This reading revolves around the relationship between the individuals in the reading.

Why are we together? Do we know each other from past lives? Are we soulmates? What can we learn from each other?

This reading provides insight in the relationship and strengthens the bond and love. This reading makes a perfect present for family, friends and couples.

Aura reading for mentally disabled children/adults
Some people aren't able to communicate in a way that we all understand. It is difficult for them to explain what they need or what is going on inside their mind. Often these people need help which makes it extra difficult to give them what they need

It is possible to gain insight in the language of their behavior during an aura reading. The reading can indicate what strengthens and what weakens them.

Through an aura reading, the interaction can be improved and personal questions can be answered.

Aura readings are possible in cases of autism, down syndrome, dementia, comatose, etc.

The aura reading takes place in a surrounding that is quiet and familiar to the person.

Everyone longs for acknowledgement, approval and reassurance

You are sweet, you'll receive unconditional love and everything will be alright. Receive!

With what kind of issues or questions can you come to Wezenkracht?

A human exists out of a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual part. Within all these parts you can encounter questions or blockages. You may notice that the energy isn't flowing smoothly
Physical issues

Physical blockages such as fatigue, headache, stress, injuries, back pain, cancer,  rheumatism, not feeling well. In a session I will address how you can handle your physical issues or disease, why you are having these issues and the reason behind it.

Emotional issues

Emotional problems such as fears, frustration, sadness, aggression, addiction, guilt, shame, loneliness, depression, lack of self-confidence.
How can I handle my emotions, feelings and passions and how can I express them?

Mental issues

How to handle mental issues like a conflict between heart and mind, self criticism, perfectionism, high intelligence, dyslexia, wrong self image, obstructing convictions and fears.

Spiritual and existential questions

Existential questions like: Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? How can I contribute? How am I going to be happy? What is the meaning of things that I encounter?

We can also address spiritual questions? How do I handle spirituality and intuition? How do I listen to my intuition. Do I see auras? How do I contact the deceased, angels and guides?

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Relational issues

Relational issues like setting boundaries, being able to handle confronting situations, sexuality, jealousy, relation to parents, communication, choosing the 'wrong' man/woman, loneliness, parent-child relationship, letting go, fear of commitment. How to handle yourself in relation to others. Who am I really?

You are a beautiful, spiritual being here on earth as a human. Acknowledge yourself!

You are allowed to experience happiness! You are allowed to follow your intuition! You are allowed to walk on your soul path!

I thank the higher awareness, the energy field, that I may share my talent and can contribute to a higher consciousness

so that we can experience more happiness, contentment and love in our lives!

I am Jeannette van Raaij.  From an early age I can see 'energies'. I think that anyone is able to see them, but not everyone has a talent for it, like for example playing the piano. As luck will have it, I have the talent for it and I'm grateful.

I can see everything. Even behind the screens in the energy world, everything. The beauty of this is, that in the energy world, I can see the meaning of daily life events. In daily life itself it's not easy to see. Why is this happening to me? Why is this happening? How can I handle this?

In the energy field I see the purpose. I see how all is connected, where it leads to, why we encounter certain situations and what the meaning of it is. I love to share these insights! Because through these insights we become aware of who we really are and what we are capable of. We can evolve ourselves to come closer to our original self; a powerful and loving creature.

I thank the higher awareness, the energy field, that I may share my talent and can contribute to a higher consciousness, so that you can experience more happiness, contentment and love in your life!


I can see everything. Even behind the screens in the energy world, everything!

The beauty of this is, that in the energy world, I can see the meaning of daily life events

Be the bridge to the New World

The New Wold is already here. The only thing we have to do is to be the bridge ourselves

New World

Bridge to the New World

Apart from aura readings and personal development coaching, I still am developing myself spiritually. Three years ago I became aware of the New World. I was given information about the New World. Step by step I gather knowledge about the New World and these discoveries are so inspiring, that I love to share it. What is the New World? How do we live there? How do we get there?

The New World is already here. The only thing we have to do is to be the bridge ourselves. I give lectures and retreats about the New World. How you can develop yourself, so that you can co-create the New World. In this blog I tell more about the New World and how we are the bridge to the New World.

Acknowledge yourself! In the New World no external rewards exist, but also no punishment

Acknowledgement comes from within, from your Core Star, so that you know who you originally are


Some testimonials of people who received an aura reading or participated in a retreat or workshop


Jeannette van Raaij is a highly motivated, spiritual teacher. During her sessions and/or retreats she tells you about your true self and how to live by that.

A personal session as well as a retreat from Jeannette are mind blowing and very motivating. Through talking sessions and assignments you unfold yourself.

The fact that Jeannette loves to work hard and has zero tolerance for bull shit, makes her sessions and/or retreats very clear. This all takes place in a warm, safe and respectful environment.'




'After the birth of our son I was curious of what we could learn from each other and why he came to us. Besides that he was often ill as a baby. I wanted to know what I could do for him and how I could support him.

Enough reasons to ask Jeannette to read his aura. While he was crawling through the room or sat on my lap, Jeannette gave me information in a capable way.

Not only did I get an answer to all my questions, but I also learned about his -and my own- existence here on earth. Very illuminating!'


4. tarief b

'I didn't expect to get so much information during an aura reading. Especially the contact with my deceased mother touched me.'

K. P.