Be ready for change!

Open attitude, open mind, open hart, your soul is revealing itself

You are welcome!

You are welcome to visit me to talk about your personal development or an aura reading.

You can have a private reading or session, or we can meet together with a loved one.

 I also offer these services through Skype on request.

A session or reading will take approximately 90 minutes.

Please do not to wear perfume or after-shave during a reading.

You can pay in cash or by bank transfer to account NL61 INGB 0004 3256 07

Rate for an aura reading

A reading of your energy field for healing and gaining insights

An individual aura reading costs €75,-

An aura reading for children at home costs €100,- (travelling expenses not included)

An aura reading for several people, like a family, with a partner or for child and parent session, costs €100,-

4. tarief a
Rate for coaching and development

A conversation about your strengths, fears, purpose in life and how to reach your goals

An individual conversation costs €75,-

A session for several people, like a relationship coaching session for instance costs  € 100,-

Rate for events

Attending workshops, lectures and retreats

The rate for attending workshops, lectures and retreats varies.
Check this page for the price of every new event

Page Lectures / Retreats

Every event will be announced on Facebook too.

An aura reading is a personal gift - it is for you and about you

What does onhappiness mean, a burn out or life-changing events?

Reactions and experiences

"I was tvery confused. I didn't know if I was on the right track in my life. Just doing one session, I connected with myself again. I saw the meaning of my life and what I wanted to do with it. The first session was a bit exciting, but I was amazed and touched by what I felt. I t made me curious and encouraged me to go on. I started to feel better."