New World

Be the bridge to the New World

The New World is already here

You can enter the New World too

Right now, we are experiencing a world in flux. Changes and incomprehensible events arehappening in the world as well as in our personal life.

We are on the edge of a new order:

The New World

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The basic energy of the New World is power - original power from everyone

In the old society that we are still living in, the basic energy from which everything originates is Love. Every event is a sign of love. To demonstrate that everything originates from love, a contradiction or opposing sign is needed, for example the victim and the offender, good and bad, a reward and a punishment.

When you become aware of the fact that the basic or the source of the contradiction is identical, i.e. it comes from love, then you can skip the contradiction. In the New World we are continuously aware that everything is an expression of love, as incomprehensible as it might seem to you.

Open mind and heart
Understanding the New World will be a wonderful and challenging experience. Not everything can be understood immediately, So it's important to approach the New World with an open mind and an open heart.

A human being is made up of a spiritual part (Core Star), a physical part, an emotional part and a mental part. In our current society, we are mainly focused on our thoughts. In the New World, we are aware that thoughts are just a small part of who we are. Thoughts are (unconsciously) taught and are there for us.

In the New World, we let our thoughts and personality serve our original self, our Core Star.

The Core Star
The Core Star is the divine core within us. Our original self, the one that we are originally and always will be, in the present, in the future, in past lives and in death.

The Core Star is the power you live from, it's from here that everything originates. It's a star-shaped, radiant, energy that you can feel from your belly. The Core Star is divinity within you.

In the New World, you live from this power. You give this power. The Core Star forms the basis of who you are, now and forever, you.

The Core Star can be experienced as a deep, intense feeling of gratitude, beauty, joy, love, tranquility, freedom, connection and divinity.

In the New World, you live from within, from your Core Star

Your Core Star is your original self; this is who you will always be, who you are going to be

The only thing that you can experience is yourself!

In the New World, you are aware that you can only experience yourself

Everything you experience, such as thoughts, emotions and physical sensations is you. You can't experience someone else or something else. Just yourself.

This means you are always responsible or guilty, for what you feel or think.

You can never be a victim nor can you affect someone else. You can never be a perpetrator. In the New World victims and perpetrators don't exist, although there are situations that we, in our current world, would label people as victims and perpetrators.

When you watch a video of starving children and you feeling pity for them you are experiencing yourself. You are not experiencing them, the children. You are experiencing your own feeling and this feeling says something about you. Maybe that you would feel pity for yourself if you were be in a similar situation without food or water. Do you think you need water to survive? That you can't trust yourself enough to take care of yourself in difficult situations? Do you think you need a savior and that you are a victim of situations?

Everything that you experience says something about you. Everything you experience is there for you, so that you discover yourself and that you become aware of who you are.

And when you are aware of the fact that you can only experience yourself, you can take the next step. Do you really find it hard that there are children in this world that don't have access to water? If so., then what are you doing about it? Are you using less water? Showering less? Using rainwater to flush the toilet?

In our society, we say that we feel sorry for the environment, are sad that people are starving or are suffering from cancer, but we don't act on this.

In the New World, if we care, we act!

Walk your talk!

What you give is what you will experience

Give from your Core Star and you will experience happiness, beauty, divinity
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Give yourself!
Live from within, from your Core Star, and you will become your original self

In the New World everybody lives from within, from their own power, from their divine self, from their Core Star.

The Core Star is the divine spring of your original self. The Core Star is divinity, happiness, gratefulness, joy, beauty, tranquility, freedom.

By living from this spring you will experience divinity and gratefulness.

In the New World everybody gives their original power and whatever makes them feel it, regardless of the situation.

To be connected with your original self. Always and forever making you feel happy, content and loved.

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Without judgment
Receive yourself. Honestly. Without judgment

In the New World, everyone is aware that the source of everything is love. Everyone is also aware that you can only experience yourself and that thoughts and beliefs are just a small part of who we are. This awareness means people stop judging.

There is no good or bad. There is no punishment. Only powers and emotions that are being received.

Receive yourself. Without judgment. Without opinions.

Without judgment

Do you dare to live without judgment and opinions? To discover that you are more than your thoughts and can live from your Core Star?
Give it your all, all the time!

Be the source!

You are not a victim, because you are free to react to every situation that occurs
Bridge to the New World
You are the bridge to the New World. You!

The first step towards the New World is to realize that you are already living in paradise, because the basic energy that everything stems from is LOVE.

You are love, others are love, situations are love. Everything is love and there is no separation. Everything is there for you. Every thought you have, every feeling. Every situation is an expression of love and it's there for you. The only thing you have to do, is to receive yourself in everything that you experience. Receive yourself without judgment.

And you can do this, because you have free will. You are free to think what you want, free to experience what you want. Maybe you can't change situations, but you are in control of how you experience them, and therefore experience yourself. This is paradise: to experience everything and receive everything as a gift to you.

Because you are also love. You are whole. All the powers that you need to feel happiness and contentment are already present within you, in your Core Star.

Receive yourself. Experience yourself and you will experience happiness and contentment.

Are you prepared to give up being a victim?

You are whole! You are good enough and you don't need anything external to feel whole inside
I am here, now, present. I give myself. I experience myself

The NOW is a circle of energy

in which everything takes place, has taken place, and will take place at the exact same moment; NOW
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There is so much more to tell about the New World
The other pillars of the New World
  • The meaning of our existence.
  • Aligning your personality with your Core Star.
  • Shame and guilt are references of the soul.
  • Everything exists in the circle of NOW.
  • You are dead and alive at the same time.
  • What you are (i.e. profession) is giving who you are.
  • How to interact with others?
  • The outcome

For more information about the New World, check out the web site Bridge to the New World.

You are welcome to sign up for lectures and retreats about the New World


"Jeannette is very driven in her retreats about the New World. She is straightforward, honest and loving. What she says, she lives, and has researched in many ways and has experienced it herself.

She has a lot to share and demands total presence of the participants, because what she had to share is a deep knowledge of a new world, a new look at life. And it reveals itself. It's an awareness that we can and may build this world. It's our responsibility! And to realize the latter is initially confronting.

Besides sharing in words, the retreats also includes  confronting and practical exercises. After the retreat, I felt connected to what I have to do in this world and who I essentially am. The art is to hold on to this and live it. I am glad that there is help and the opportunity to be together with like-minded people who have also participated in the retreats."

Lidwien Roding

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