I already know the outcome

I guarantee that when you live from your Core Star, you wil experience happiness, peace, tranquility, joy and gratefulness

I have so much to share about spirituality and the New World! And so much to give!

I am grateful for my insights from the spiritual world and I love sharing them with people, so that we become more conscious and full of happiness, love and peace

New workshops

I organize spiritual workshops, but they will be given in Dutch. You can find more information about the workshops on the dutch page Aankondigingen Workshops

Be welcome

Receive yourself, receive another, receive the New World

To participate in the retreats and workshops, you should be open to working on yourself

You should approach my retreats and workshops with an open mind, because by broadening your consciousness you will experience the world. Another precondition is having an open mind towards yourself, because you will meet yourself in your own power, presence and inner knowledge. Consciousness of heart, spirit and soul

Give it your all, all the time

because you will encounter resistance and the retreat will be life-changing!

Bridge to the New World

Retreats and workshops that have taken place
Bridge to The New World
The focus of this spiritual retreat is on our personal development towards the New World

What is the New World? How do you enter the New World?

Other pillars are: How should we interpret the events in the world that are happening right now? How can we broaden our consciousness, so that we realize that we live in paradise?

Which personal development tools can we use to bridge the gap to the New World?

New World: Death
In the New World, death is equal to life. In death we (re)find ourselves and we (re)unite with everything and everyone, and experience who we originally are.

The only thing you can experience is yourself. Death doesn't happen to you: it's already in you, it is you. You experience yourself as death.

This retreat will enhance your understanding about yourself, your life and death. Broaden yourself; your consciousness, your energy, your inner power, your soul and your heart. More space, a deeper connection with who you really are and your soul path.

Living from death brings joy, inner power and consciousness of the soul. You are alive now, you are dead now, so that we may experience it.

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Celebrating the Family
How different is your daily life now that you've applied your knowledge of the New World?

A workshop to inspire you. You in relation to the world. You in relation to others. You in relation to yourself.

How different is life? How to receive yourself? How to live from your core? How to give up being a victim? How to feel guilty? How to receive happiness and peace?

You are the Bridge to the New World
A workshop about how you are the bridge to the New World. You are love, but how can you manifest that love and how do you experience it in life, in this time, in this society?

How are you the bridge to the New World? Who are you? What are you doing? How do you manifest yourself? How do you manifest the New World?

I will also talk about to emotions, feelings and convictions, and how they influence your identity and reality, as well as how to develop your original self.



Retreats and courses

that I have done in the past
Embrace yourself!
Receive your feeling and emotions
3a. contact
Living in Light
Becoming a professional human as a spiritual being
Therapeutic aura reading
Developed and taught a course at the ASPI (Academy for Spiritual Integration)
The spirit world
Therapeutic reading of spirits and spiritual beings
Children aura reading
Therapeutic aura reading for children

Be ready for change!

The information will be confronting, but will also make you come home to yourself!


"Attending Jeannette's retreats and workshops changes your world. A world in which you may receive your own greatness, but where you also learn that you alone are responsible for how you experience the world. It's confronting, but liberating. Nothing is impossible, everything is possible. The only limitation is yourself and when you allow yourself to embrace your own greatness, you feel transported by an enormous power.

I am grateful to Jeannette for opening my eyes (and heart) to another view on the world, another way of living and ultimately another way of being. I'd love for everyone to experience this power. It requires letting go of the usual reactions and emotions, which isn't easy. But through practice and trying, it will get easier. And once you have created a situation in which everything falls in place, you will keep on pursuing this because it feels so worthwile.

Jeannette's retreats and workshops are life lessons that I will carry with me forever.They haveĀ  enriched my life!'



"Jeannette's retreats are super inspiring. You learn to look at the world around you with different eyes.

Jeannette is a spirited person who loves to help us to live in a better world, to create, to feel, to be. For yourself and for all the people around you."



"Meeting Jeannette
Opens hearts
Not for 50%
But 100%
Always being there for you
During retreats
Change in motion
On all levels
Hatches open
Some are closing
Love is always there
Awareness of that
what's called Life
Awareness of that
what's called Death
Happy and grateful
That she came into my life
And is
Dhanyavad, Dhanyavad."